London’s Ulez-scrapped cars cannot go to Ukraine, Sadiq Khan says

Sadiq Khan
Image caption,The London mayor said he does not have the legal powers to export Ulez non-compliant vehicles

Vehicles eligible for scrappage as part of London’s Ulez scheme cannot legally be sent to Ukraine, the mayor’s office has said.

The Telegraph reported Kyiv’s mayor Vitali Klitschko had written to to his London counterpart to suggest the idea as part of the scrappage scheme.

However, Sadiq Khan’s office said the Labour mayor was legally unable to alter it to allow vehicle exports.

Susan Hall, the Tory mayoral candidate, said the response was “absurd”.

Under the Ulez scrappage scheme, which came into force in August, Londoners with vehicles that fall foul of emission standards can claim up to £2,000 when their non-compliant vehicles are taken to be destroyed.

In the letter obtained by The Telegraph, Mr Klitschko said some of the vehicles being scrapped, particularly 4x4s, had “enormous potential” to help the country in a “variety of life-saving and transport roles” to aid its war with Russia.

‘Deeply frustrated’

BBC News has not seen the full contents of the letter, reportedly sent in September, but a spokesperson for Mr Khan confirmed it had been received.

“Unfortunately, altering the Ulez scheme for the purpose of exporting vehicles to Ukraine is not possible within the current limits of the Greater London Authority Act,” they said.

They said exporting the vehicles to Ukraine would “not meet the legal threshold of the benefit to Londoners from an economic, social, or environmental perspective” as set out within the act.

They added that Mr Khan was “deeply frustrated” and had instead set up a website which enabled Londoners with a “suitable non-compliant vehicle to donate their vehicles directly to Ukraine”.

Owners of vehicles donated directly through a charity will not be entitled to claim £2,000 from the Ulez scrappage scheme.

Ms Hall said Londoners who choose to scrap their cars “should have the freedom to decide for themselves if they want their car sent to support Ukraine”.

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